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Don’t Wait Create, How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution (2021), encourages marginalized voices to use digital media to tell their stories. Erica Barry has spoken extensively about her work and research in the creator economy space, as an invited speaker at the Cannes Film Festival (2022), Comic-Con (2022), and on multiple podcasts.

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#1 Amazon New Release

Entertainment and Sports

#1 Amazon New Release

Social Media

Firebird Book Award 2021

Indie Book Awards Finalist

With actress and producer Selina Ringel at the Cannes Film Festival after speaking on the Future of Casting panel. 
At Comic-Con International, after raising donations for Firelight Media, non-profit supporting non-fiction filmmakers of color.

Praise for Don't Wait, Create


Max Levine
Founder of Amp Studios,
Forbes 30 Under 30

We live in an era where a single person can build a larger platform than some of the world’s biggest companies. Don’t Wait, Create sheds light on how the world is changing around us.


Olivia DeLaurentis
Writer and Actress

Erica Barry wrote the ultimate guide to understanding the current world of content creation and using it to build your career. Don't wait, read this book!


Becca Bastos 
Actress and Content Creator, 1M+ Followers on TikTok

As an actress, creating content has been extremely empowering and critical in jump-starting my career. I recommend Don't Wait, Create to anyone who is ready to take their career into their own hands and unleash the power of creating opportunities for their own self.


Jacob Pace
CEO of Flighthouse,

Forbes 30 Under 30

A crash course in the complex world of content creation. Erica Barry expertly explains the rapid changes that have occurred in the industry in a way that is easy to understand

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