February Update: MentorHive, Moving, and More Interviews!

This February, I moved to Santa Monica and have been settling into my new house. I love ocean-side life a lot. There's so much more wildlife out here than in Brentwood. I swear someone must be doing some serious pest control in Brentwood. Have you ever seen a squirrel there? Think about it.

Anyway, my roommates and I have been enjoying walks around the neighborhood, checking out take-out spots in the area, and almost burnt the entire house down last weekend.

Everything is fine now, and I am now a proud owner of renter's insurance.

Things I'm loving:

  1. Tech-Free Sundays. I was inspired by Tiffany Shlain's book 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week. I've loved my one screenless day a week where I ~live in the moment~. Going on hikes, going to the farmer's market, and staring at the ceiling. I had no idea how often I Google stuff... it's wild to sit there pondering a problem without knowing the answer. It's made me feel much more creative.

  2. Being a bed-owner. I have not owned a bed since high-school. I always used the dorm beds in college and have slept on a mattress on the floor until last week. I finally splurged on the cheapest bed I could find on Amazon, and I love it. I'm so far off the ground! It feels like home.

  3. Wallpaper. On the theme of making this house a home, I got some peel and stick wallpaper.

  4. This Christopher Walken quote: "If you knew how quickly people forget the dead... you would stop living to impress people."

  5. Owning a record player. I bought a record player on Facebook Marketplace on a whim, and it's the best impulsive purchase I've made in a while. I currently only have a Sam Cooke record and a Boston Pops Orchestra Christmas record and listen to them on repeat.

I am continuing to interview people for my book and had the opportunity to speak with Marc Randolph, the first-CEO of Netflix and author of That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea. I also got to speak with Apolo Anton Ono of Olympic and Dancing with the Stars fame. 11-year-old Dancing with the Stars obsessed me would have freaked (and 24-year-old me had trouble keeping her cool).

I have been having a blast working with the Winter 2021 Cohort of MentorHive. Applications closed at the end of January, and now things are in full swing! MentorHive is an organization I started after graduation that I wish I had access to when I was in college. Essentially, I pair college students with mentors in their field of interest. Read more about it here!

If you know a college student who may be in need of mentorship or are interested in mentoring, please reach out!

Hit me up if you:

  • Have record store recs in LA.

  • Are interested in trying a tech-free day.

  • Have or know someone who has "cast themselves" in their own production.

  • Are also obsessed with Peaky Blinders.

  • Are on the fence about getting renter's insurance (do it!).

  • Just wanna catch up.

What I watched/am watching:

  1. Canine Intervention

  2. Peaky Blinders

  3. iCarly

  4. The Trial of the Chicago 7

  5. Emma