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Erica Barry is a media industry professional, author, and speaker. 

She loves stories and is fascinated with how new technologies are changing the ways we tell them: from breaking news to cooking videos.

She has told many stories throughout her life, including writing for The Huffington Post, performing at Disneyland, giving a TEDx talk, and penning her debut book, Don't Wait, Create: How to Be A Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution.


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Clever Tickers

A BABY, a GEEK, and a COW all walk into a bar looking for some BEER and VINO. What happens next? They all beat the market. 

Conducting a Fama-French four-factor statistical analysis, this study found that clever tickers outperform the market by a wide margin, contradicting the efficient-market hypothesis. "The Importance of Resourcefulness, Ruses, and Recall in Stock Ticker Symbols" was published in The Quarterly Review of Economics & Finance, and its findings were featured in The Economist and CNBC.

The research also showed how creative signals can benefit IPOs. It has not only been cited as go-to research in numerous academic journals but also impacted real-world transactions, e.g., "BROS, BETZ and DNA: The Race to Claim a Good Ticker and Attract Investors,” Bloomberg (9/16/21) and “As FB becomes META, here are 10 creative ticker symbols," MarketWatch (6/11/22).

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Huffington Post

Erica Barry’s article, "There Has Never Been an Asian Victoria’s Secret Angel—And Maybe That’s a Good Thing," was the first piece of journalistic writing to receive the Pomona College First-Year Writing Prize. 

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